We provide two separate services with the same station:


a complete telemedicine solution

A medical assistant administered health station designed to aid diagnosis of 80% of primary care conditions without a doctor present.


a vitals capture kiosk

A modified version of the software and setup of the station allows us to create a triage device that saves times for busy clinics

A self-administered vitals capture kiosk

Save valuable medical assistant time by allowing the most tedious and time consuming part of a visit to be addressed in the waiting room! On screen instructions walk patients through how to take their own FDA approved vitals while waiting.


    Introducing the Hygeia Health Station™. The most complete telemedicine experience.

    Designed to be run by a medical assistant for a patient, the station facilitates proper vitals capture, remote digital examination, and phlebotomy within a station that puts the patient experience first and can aid diagnosis in 80% of primary care presenting conditions without a doctor present.

    Clinical Flexibility

    We provide our own staff, train yours, or find a hybrid approach that works best for your particular situation. Whatever your clinic access needs, we can help address them.

    customize your solution now
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