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Introducing the Hygeia Health Station™. The most complete telemedicine experience.

Designed to be run by a medical assistant on a patient, the station facilitates proper vitals capture, remote digital examination, and phlebotomy within a station that puts the patient experience first.

One place to capture FDA approved clinical information. 
All in a informative, interactive patient experience

A unique design.
Refined and Redefining.

From the location of the moveable Touchscreen, to the integrated seated weight capture, to the empty space under seat for shoe placement; everything on the unit is carefully considered and things just work.

Anti-Bacterial Surface Chemistry. A propriety blend of powder coat on our sheet metal kills 99.9% of germs on contact.

This, in combination with proper sanitizing practices, ensures that you have a lower risk of contracting a bacterial infection then actually being at a doctor's office.

High Quality Remote Examination. Amazing to behold.

To aid diagnosis, doctor's need to see, hear and feel you. Along with the medical assistant, the Health Station facilitates all three, creating a higher quality standard of remote care for patients.

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