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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of conditions can you treat?

Cold & Flu, Sore Throa, Skin Rashes, Upset Stomachs, or even eye infections. Essentially, we set up a clinic quickly. We provide more information to doctors to inform them and help reduce misdiagnosis.

How is Hygeia different from other kiosk providers?

Put simply, Hygeia provides a more affordable, flexible platform for the delivery of remote care with all the same features as the bigger guys. We've designed our own product and written our own software to ensure we will be your first point of contact now and for your future remote care needs.

Can you integrate with EMR/EHR Systems?

Yes! Although this is handled on a case by case basis, we can do custom work to push information into an EMR/EHR vendor. We have developed code via APIs to perform these actions.

How is this better than just using a laptop or phone?

Our laptop solution uses a customized vitals and diagnostic capture as well as a unique user experience. The advantage of the station in situations where there will be many consultation is that it formalizes a space and provides for more diagnostic capabilities.. By making a more convenient, high quality experience for your employees, you can expect dramatic increases in participation.

Want to use your own clinicians?

We have no problem with that :-)

What device capture is standard?

We currently offer blood pressure, pulse oximetry, heart rate, body tempterature, and weight standard. Optional additional diagnostics include respiratory rate capture, digital otoscope and stethscopes, and standard blood tests. In the station model, we provide most commercial labwork with a centrifuge on-site as well as point of care tests like rapid strep.

How quickly can we get up and running?

Mobile clinic - Within one business day
Digital clinic - Go live typically takes one day
Laptop Solution - One hour after delivery

+1 (678) 335-6152

ATTN: Hygeia
12o0 Foster St NW

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