All-in-one care

The Hygeia Health Station™ is the best and most affordable way to turn any private room into a doctor's office.


Increase adoption in Telemedicine

The Hygeia Health Station™ will change how you deliver healthcare and reduce your cost

One Experience for Patients and Nurses

Patients and medical assistants work together to get background and vitals captured properly. We won't just capture a patients blood pressure; we'll tell them how good or bad it is.

For the doctor, it's like being there

The consulting doctor can be on a beach and still listen to your lungs and be able to see into you ears, nose and throat from any internet connected device.


Spreading bad bacteria is a bad idea, but there's no need to worry. Antibacterial surface chemistry kills 99.9% of germs on contact at our station.

Lots of Gadgets

Diagnostics currently include FDA approved blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygenation, body temperature, weight, and  blood glucose. We also have devices to hear lungs and look in the ear and throat.


We can push and pull from about half of EMR systems so your medical history is persistent & the right data can be accessed at the right time.

Special Needs

Like a genie popping out of lamp, we sort of have a knack for granting wishes. Have a need for a special device? Want a bulk discount? We're here to help.

Plans & Pricing

No risk, 30-day money back guarantee!


$500 /month/unit
Best for triaging a large volume of patients
0 Additional staff
Remote support and supplies
Customized software for this use case
Customizable Dashboard
Metric API
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Staffed Deployment

$1000 /month/unit
Schools, Business, Pharmacies, etc.
1 Phlebotomist per unit at $16/hr
Remote support and supplies
Digital Stethscope & Otoscope
Faciltates standard blood work
Metric API
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Unstaffed Deployment

$1000 /month/unit
Health Systems, Private Practices, etc.
0 You provide the staff
Remote support and supplies
Digital Stethscope & Otoscope
Faciltates standard blood work
Training and ongoing updates
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