Put a digital doctor's office


Pharmacies, Schools, Employers, Rural Clinics, or wherever you need it

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It starts with a health station

Everything from the building materials to the software was meticulously developed and refined. All versions of deployed units have:

  • Deployment use case flexibility
    It can be customized to provide your ideal remote care experience or for self captured vitals for triage
  • A state-of-the-art design
    A design that ensures the best possible experience for patients and doctors
  • Anti-bacterial surface chemistry
    To prevent the spread of infections between patients

One Experience for patients & Doctors

A single digital medical experience that improves medical record accuracy, increases trust in a remote clinician, and educates the patient on their own health, all at the same time

SEE IT in action ❯ 

deliver care from anywhere

Clinicians can be on a beach and be prescribing the correct anti-biotic for the right ear infection, right from their phone!

  • Customize your diagnotic capabilities
    We work with many FDA approved devices, and if your clinic has a new device, we can integrate it
  • Secure & Reliable
    Our video transmissions are encrypted and compliant with relevant privacy regulations like HIPAA and HITECH
  • World Class Partnerships
    We integrate with your lab, your EMR, and your billing so clinicians worry less about tech & more about care
your organization realize it's strategic goals in 2020!